Austin LGBT Elder Task Force
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Why is it our mission to bring a SAGE to Austin?

To create and build community for LGBT Elders through advocacy and by providing programs and services.


What is SAGE?

SAGE is a national advocacy and services organization that’s been looking out for LGBT elders since 1978. They build welcoming communities and keep our issues in the national conversation to ensure a fulfilling future for all LGBT people.


WHy DO we need aN Austin SAGE Affiliate?

Austin’s LGBTQIA community is unique and we love that! It follows that many LGBTQIA groups have mainstreamed or never felt a need to coalesce due to the greater Austin area’s open and accepting vibe. What we’re finding now is many of our communities aging issues require a unique approach and that aging as an LGBTQIA person can bring different issues to the forefront that don’t exist in the mainstream. We don’t want to step back from mainstream participation, but there’s a need to create an LGBTQIA community to socialize and address LGBTQIA-specific aging issues. 


Join our Fun Force Meetup!

The Austin LGBT Elder Task Force invites ALL LGBTQIA people & allies ages 18-110 to come together & create community through potlucks, storytelling events, dances & more! We will be bringing activities all over Austin as well as the greater Austin area...we want to meet ALL of you! We are also actively seeking volunteers, members & founding members...